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Xenics - Dione S 1280 CAM (LWIR)

Xenics - Dione S 1280 CAM (LWIR)

Ultra-compact, uncooled thermal imaging core

The Dione S 1280 CAM series is based on an uncooled 12 μm pitch microbolometer detector with a 1280 × 1024 resolution and NETD of less than 40 mK (available upon request) and 50 mK.

The camera cores are optimized for low SWaP (Size, Weight and Power). The Dione S 1280 CAM is lightweight and small with mechanical shutter. It utilizes Xenics image enhancement for advanced image processing while keeping power consumption low.

All Dione S 1280 versions are GenICam compliant. Dione S 1280 CAM is a LWIR uncooled thermal imaging SWAP module with housing supporting M34/M45 lens (optional).

The ultra-compact Dione S 1280 CAM series find application in safety and security systems, as well as in industrial thermal imaging systems.


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