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SVS-VISTEK 是德國一間將近 30 年的生產銷售經驗,並具有創新研發工業相機的專業

製造商。其通過 ISO 9001:2008 的認證,並以提供滿足使用者所需要的機器視覺相關



SVS-Vistek SWIR 相機採用索尼 SenSWIR 技術以及經過驗證的 EXO 和 FXO 相機平台。由於其寬光譜範圍和高靈敏度,SVS-Vistek SWIR 相機結合了極其緊湊的佔地面積和從 400 nm VIS 到 1700 nm SWIR 範圍的優點。憑藉創新的熱設計,使用者可以獲得出色的光學品質和動態範圍結果,可能使用單一相機來拍攝光譜的多個區域。
  • Sony SenSWIR sensor with 400 - 1700 nm spectral sensitivity and high quantum efficiency
  • Advanced Two-Point NUC (Non Uniformity Correction)
  • CoaXpress-12 delivers lowest latency and highest speed
  • 10GigE for economical bandwidth and ease of integration
  • LUT, Binning, ROI, Burst Mode
  • Up to 60°C (140°F) operating temperature
  • Industrial TTL-24V I/O interface with SafeTrigger, logic functions,programmable sequencers and timers, RS232 interface, electrical and optical inputs, GenICam and GenTL

Application areas

The wide spectral range from 400nm up to 1700nm can meet your most specialized application requirements.
Within this band, many substances can be identified by their absorption characteristics.
Typical use cases are found in the solar and electronics industries (inspection of silicon),
in the pharmaceutical sector (substance determination, detection of impurities) or in food production (fruit, rot, pressure marks).
Even simple detection of water, fill detection and/or water vapor is easily seen by SWIR, as well as leakage (with oil/water discrimination).
The multichannel strobe controller provides particular support for substance detection with multiple narrow-band illuminations.
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