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荷蘭 Adimec 1992 年以來,專注製造高性能的工業用相機,Adimec 除了擁有客

製化的專業能力,同時具備優異性能與可靠的品質,相機內建 FPGA、Memory 

Buffter、支援 HDR(High Dynamic Range),可進行多種影像校正, 滿足各類特

殊的應用需求,目前已被國際 AOI 第一大廠指定使用。
Adimec - Sapphire series

Adimec - Sapphire series

SAPPHIRE series: Large area scan CMOS global shutter cameras

SAPPHIRE series: Large area scan CMOS global shutter cameras
The S-25A30 is a 25 megapixel CMOS global shutter camera applying the VITA 25k image sensor. It delivers high-resolution images of 5120 x 5120 pixels at 32 fps over Camera Link. The design of the S-25A30 differs fundamentally from that of other high-resolution machine vision cameras. It combines the unique Adimec design with the benefits of the VITA 25K image sensor technology for a very reliable camera that delivers high resolution images with best-in-class uniformity and stable performance.

The S-25A30 is optimized for in-line metrology and electronics inspection equipment that require high resolution to increase throughput or accuracy or both. But it can be customized to meet specific system application and architecture requirements.

The Shapphire 50Mpx CoaXPress camera delivers 7920x6004 pixel resolution at over 30fps with 4.6 micron square pixels. Camera is fully compatible with S25 and Q12 CoaXPress Adimec offers the Sapphire 50 Mpx CXP cameras in a low power,compact outline design freedom for system integration with a maximum system reliability. The S-50A30 offers Connect-and-GrabTM service installation. The camera has a stable image performance to minimize customers' system calibration time. Typical applications examples: - Flat panel inspection - Semiconductors metrology tools - Solar Inspection.

      S-25A30         S-25A70 CoaXPress     S-25A80 CoaXPress     S-50A30 CoaXPress

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